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About us

Glowtech is among the leading importers and distributors in Israel in the professional cosmetics and nail grooming sector. The company imports an array of top international products and tools, maintains a house brand and expands the professional grooming market in Israel.

Founded in 2000, Glowtech’s founders identified a need for advanced professional tools and materials that were lacking in the Israeli market. The Company spearheaded innovation, creativity and pioneering solutions by forging a tradition of quality and meticulousness.

The Company’s experience and expertise that it acquired throughout the years allows it to predict new market trends, and to understand, sense and identify the needs of its customers (professional and end alike). This advantage, coupled with its ties in the international market and large number of suppliers with whom it works, allows Glowtech to lead the market, to supply new, unique products and to provide ‘customized’ solutions for wholesalers, retailers and end customers.

Among the products being marketed by the Company are nail building and grooming materials, cosmetic products, work tools, furniture and devices for the nail care sector and professional cosmetics industry and more.

Products marketed by Glowtech are sold in all major distribution centers to the professional market and professional beauty schools across the country – from the north to Eilat. Glowtech customers include large retail chains such as Castro, Golf and New Pharm.

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